Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Awkward Life Is a Musical

Tonight I had Engineers without Borders which meets in the engineering building on Drexel's campus. This building is tricky to find because you have to go through this other fancy cathedral/bank-esque building first to get to the engineering one and then once in the engineering building you have to wind through this maze to find the room. Last time, Taylor led me through it with Mike so we found it successfully with no harm done but he wasn't there this week. I had to find it all by myself. (Note- Mike and I had gotten fairly lost on our way OUT of the building last time when Taylor had already left.)

I was going to do the exact same thing that I did last time. Walk down Chestnut 'til I got to the fancy building, go in, find the weird hall and follow it. 

I go up to the door and open it to the fancy main building. I open the door and then next thing I know I am staring face-to-faces of a 200+person choir singing opera in the middle of the room/wrapping up the fancy double staircase. In my way.

So what do I do in reaction to having 200 people stare at me and block my way? I cower and hide.

I ducked behind a pillar while they continued to sing because I was so very incredibly confused. I mean, seriously, where do you just "find" a choir practicing in the middle of your path? I hid trying to see if I was walking in on a graduation or a wedding proposal or something but it really just seemed like it was a rehearsal. After a few minutes, I realized that I had no idea how I was able to get around them without them noticing that I had tried to hide for a few minutes. So now I had to hide even longer trying to figure out how to be calm and collected.Then I realized that some people (clearly enginerds) were walking by so I took a deep breath and came out from behind the pillar. That's when I realized a security guard had been watching me the whole time and was laughing at me.

I picked my head up and tried to pretend I was a strong, confident lady who knew where I was going in this building. But I still couldn't go the way we went last time- so I went through the only open hall in that foyer that I could go. Thank the Lord for college tours because they had lots of signs posted and luckily my intuition that I have developed from being living in engineering buildings helped guide me through the maze. I came out to the room I needed (via the opposite direction) and entered a room where no one else had seen the massive choir in the main building's foyer.

And such is my life. A walking musical awkward encounter that no one else ever experiences.